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ExifQuery is a utility which shows statistics of the photographs you took with your digital camera. This way you can see if your current camera equipment is sufficient.


To perform a query follow these steps:

1) Press the Open button. This will bring up the file dialog screen where you can select multiple files.
2) Change the query parameters if needed. By default the exif parameters are set in such a way that all loaded images will match the query.
3) Press the Query button.
4) Select the image property you want to analyze (aperture, focal length, ISO, shutter speed or file size).
A list of files which match the query is displayed at the bottom. You can sort this list by clicking on the column headers.
Double-clicking on a file entry will open the image with the default image viewer.
Right-clicking on the file list will pop up a menu with an option to export the list to a standard CSV file which can be imported in spreadsheet programs.
You can make a screenshot of the entire window by pressing the Screenshot button.


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